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We include all third-party features and apps as long as they fulfill a useful purpose and they work correctly, aswell as implement ourselves many new exciting functionalities based on the community's requests and ideas to the bounds of what Flipper Zero can do.


We ensure the most stable experience possible by having an actual understanding of what's going on to promptly fix reported bugs, and proactively make all tweaks and additions backwards-, and inter-, compatible.


You can tweak just about everything you see: change how the main menu looks and works, change the animations and icons, change your Flipper's name, setup different keybinds, and so much more. All on-device, with no complicated configuration.

Main Features

Asset Packs

Easily install and switch between animation, icons and font themes, without recompiling. Pick from dozens of community packs, or make your own.

FindMy, Bad KB & BLE Spam

The most complete and advanced suite of Bluetooth tools to run payloads remotely, prank others nearby, or track your lost Flipper.

Countless Protocols

Many protocols integrated into SubGHz (weather, pocsag, tpms, ...), GPS SubDriving, and some rolling code support. Extra NFC cards are also supported.

New Interface

Largely redesigned interface with 8 main menu styles, control center with quick toggles, the most advanced file browser/manager, and more.

Momentum Settings

A powerful app to tweak just about everything. Here you can configure Asset Packs, Main Menu, File Browser, GPIO Pins, VGM Options and more.

Enhanced JS Scripting

The largest JavaScript module set (UsbDisk, Storage, GUI, BLE, SubGHz) to create efficient workflows and scripts with no C programming required.

Feature RogueMaster Unleashed Momentum
Stable Updates
(Some) Rolling Code Support
FindMy Flipper

Not loaded at boot

BLE Spam
Bad Keyboard
(BT & USB)

External duplicated app

External duplicated app

(Saving coordinates for subghz)
Full Customization
(Layouts, Menus, Keybinds, etc.)
Management App
(For easy configuration)

Partial functionality

Enhanced RGB Backlight modes
(Full customization & Rainbow mode)
(Name, Mac, Serial)
Improved Security
(Lock on Boot, reset on false pins, etc.)
Asset Packs

Different format, only animations

VGM Color Options
Enhanced Level System
File Search
Disk Image Management
Improved Error Messages
(Showing source path)
External Apps
(As of 03.2024)


216 (with [e] pack)


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